Message from Israel

To all my friends abroad, especially for my friends which are not you probably know, there is a war here (again).

You know me, and you know what I think about all this stupid ego wars of politicians and governments from both sides.

In this time, I feel shame to live in this stupid region of the world. Yes, I know that it was the same in Europe few hundreds of years ago, but you grew up and understood that it is better to let go, live in good neighborhood than to fight, protect, kill eachother and put fences everywhere.

I traveled in the world, I keep contact with many people from many countries and I came to a conclusion. The Middle East (and Israel in it) is not mature enough to obtain life in peace.

But there is also a lightning spot in all this shit. The young generation.

The young generation is different. more exposed to the world influence, and deeply want to make a change here. There are many good people in here that want to make a change here and now. There are many new communities in Israel that grow up here on the suburbs and inside the big city. All they want is to live peacefully.

For the last 2 years I work and live in Kfar Quasen, which is an Arab village. I have soul friends here. I love those people. I also keep good facebook contact with my friends in the territories: In Nablus, in the refugee camp of Balata, in Uja and many small villages in the west bank.

You will not belive it, but the Israeli government does not allow me to visit their houses or invite them to our houses. You guessed right, exactly like in world war two (aka The Holocaust). We are only allowed to meet in “area B” which is a shared area (luckily i can place my bus there anywhere i want).

Because of this situation, there are not so many here that make friendships across the borders and therefore the situation remain the same.

I give a big call to all my brothers and sisters outside Israel, to support dialog between Israelis and Palestinians. Come and visit Israel and Palestine. Put your good vibes here. Demonstrate against this stupid war in Israel, in Palestine and everywhere you are. Yes, now it’s the right time. It is not as you see in the news. They always exaggerate in order to sustain and increase the conflict.

Only with your influence we can grow up from this.

The governments will not even try to make peace here, unless the citizens will demand it.

Instead, they just keeping on fear us and wash our brains.

I will continue to live my life here in Kfar Quasem, and spread the word of peace in any way I can. I will continue to meet my Palestinian friends in the territories and at the same time support the „Bar Quayma community” in Tel Aviv. But I will certainly not stay on this ship if I will see that it’s gonna’ drown.

Peace and love everywhere

Author: Chen Raz

(we met author on our last trip around the Middle East. He drove us from Netaniya to Akko and helped us with advice. It is pleasure to know him)

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